Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerilla Games has remained relatively close to the vest as far as story elements for Horizon Zero Dawn. But with the game coming out in just under two months, it’s time to start pulling the curtain back. Community Manager for the studio, Jeroen Roding, issued a new trailer today to help us get a grasp as to what Aloy is facing. And it’s massive.

“It’s The End. Or How It Begins Anyway…”

Roding describes the world of Horizon Zero Dawn as “post-post-apocalyptic.” “There’s a lot we’ve yet to show”, Roding promises, “but we’re starting the new year with a big new trailer that focuses on yet another threat for Aloy to face. The video likewise affords glimpses of some of the allies who may join Aloy’s cause, from the mighty to the mysterious.”

One of those mysterious allies appears in the form of Lance Riddick. The character’s I.D. remains a mystery to Aloy, but Riddick’s digital counterpart appears to be supporting Aloy from afar. It’s good to see Riddick back on consoles after his excellent turn in Quantum Break.

The trailer itself is jaw droppingly gorgeous. There isn’t actual gameplay within it from what I can tell. But the story telling cinematic that are in play are sure to wow the fans who pick up the game as of next month. We see some truly devastating machines at play. As well as what appears to be the main antagonist of Horizon Zero Dawn‘s plot.

As Jeroen says himself – “who are these masked warriors, and what is the source of their power over the machines? Who will rally to Aloy’s side on the field of battle? The answers to these and other questions will be revealed on February 28, 2017, when Horizon Zero Dawn launches exclusively for PS4.

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