Star Fox Zero
Time to put up or shut up, Fox.

I really want this game to be good. Star Fox Zero appears to essentially be a reboot of the Star Fox franchise, so we need it to be good. And it’s looking… better. That’s not to say that the game ever looked bad, it was just a little rough around the edges. That was a polygon joke – get it?

Star Fox Zero had a good chunk of the spotlight during this Nintendo Direct. Bill Trinen primarily focused on the game’s vehicles, saying that “vehicles are so critical to the game, you could practically call them members of the Star Fox team.” Bill then spent a bit of time highlighting each of the vehicles the team will saving the galaxy in; the Arwing, the Walker, the Landmaster and the Gyrowing.

Nintendo showed a good bit of footage, and Star Fox Zero has definitely made some strides in the visuals department. They have also confirmed a release date of April 22nd for the game. With the graphics making improvements, let’s now just keep our fingers crossed that the forced cockpit view on the gamepad segments aren’t as bad as they look.

Checkout the new trailer below, as well as actual Star Fox Zero gameplay from the Nintendo Direct.


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