The Division - 1.2 Conflict

Next week will see the release of update 1.2 for Ubisoft’s The Division. The upcoming download, entitled “Conflict”, is a free content drop that continues the fight in the ravaged streets of New York.

The developers have yet to shed a ton of light as to what’s in store for us within Conflict, but a new trailer that released today gives us our best tease yet. There are a few different incursions being thrown our way for 1.2, as well as “New Gear Sets and High-End Weapons” for each of the classes within The Division.

The escaped convicts of Riker’s Island are causing more trouble as they’ve locked down different areas of the city. You’re tasked with taking the town back in the Clear Skys mission. There are also new enemy leaders that are popping up all over the city of Manhattan. If you’re able to find them and take them out, rewards are sure to be yours. Within this week’s State of the Game post, The Division Development Team gave a few details as to tweaks being made as far as balancing goes:

  • Balanced. Fixing the weapon talent Balanced to work as it was initially designed. This should shift the meta-game away from the M1A and towards more variety.
  • The Brutal weapon talent will be additive and be properly indicated in the UI DPS.
  • Reckless is addressed and will be working correctly.
  • The Sentry’s Call 4 piece bonus will now only work on semi-automatic weapons.
  • Overall buff to Performance Gear Mods to increase their effectiveness.
  • New Gear Sets that focus on certain weapon types. The goal is to encourage more build and play style diversity.
  • Increasing the armor cap to 75% to increase survivability as the damage player’s output increase. Reaching this level of armor is also much more difficult and will require you to sacrifice stats in other areas to do so.
  • Toughness will now be displayed instead of health in the UI. This is a combined number that shows the combination of your health and armor, or effective hit points.
  • Fixing Character Talent stacking to make sure it’s not possible.

Conflict releases for The Division on May 24th. The latest trailer is just below, take a gander to see what’s coming to the game next week.

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