Uncharted 4 - Story Trailer

Around 9:00 p.m. Eastern last night, PlayStation’s Twitter account teased us with an image of Nathan Drake and the following question: “Are you ready to seek your fortune?” And after seeing Naughty Dog’s new story trailer for Uncharted 4, we can definitely say yes. Yes we are.

The developer considers the newly dropped trailer “its best ever”, and it’s easy to see why. Nathan Drake, with his older brother Sam, has been on a lifelong hunt for one of the largest pirate stashes in history. But jumping back into a thief’s life proves to be controversial for Nathan, as Sam insists this adventure is just for the two of them and everyone else in Nathan’s life needs to be pushed to the side.

Uncharted 4 - PlayStation Tease
This is the image PlayStation’s Twitter account teased us with Wednesday night.

Naughty Dog is right to be boastful of their new Uncharted 4 trailer. It’s expertly done, and you really get the feeling that you’re about to embark on a blockbuster Hollywood adventure that has been building up to this moment for eight and a half years. With just a few frames of the trailer, you can feel Drake’s boredom with retirement and sense his reluctant submissiveness to keep promises to his wife. The pull and allure of this treasure hunt with his long thought dead brother though appears to be too much for our favorite thief to deny.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End launches on April 26th. Checkout the likely final story trailer below. Unless of course you plan to go into Drake’s final chapter completely spoiler free.

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