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New WWE 2K16 Trailer Is Stunning (As In It Features Lots Of Stone Cold Stunners, Duh)

WWE 2K16

As we get nearer and nearer to the release of WWE 2K16 in October, we as fans are craving a bit more details as to how the game will look and play. Well, 2K has released a new video to further whet our appetites.

2K Sports issued the newest WWE 2K16 trailer today which we’ve embedded below courtesy of IGN. The “Raise Some Hell Gameplay Trailer” as its dubbed does in fact “raise some hell”, but I wouldn’t exactly call it a gameplay trailer. There really isn’t any core gameplay to be found, just canned shots of wrestler entrances and finishers mostly. And, of course, Stone Cold Steve Austin is featured quite prominently.

The cast covers a wide variety of eras. Everything from Ultimate Warrior to the current WWE regime is on display in the below clip. There’s also an additional character at the far end of the trailer that is from outside the WWE universe entirely. I won’t spoil it here, but the character was previously revealed.

WWE 2K16 released on October 27th for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Watch the below clip and give me a “hell yeah!”