The next set of DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops III drops tomorrow on PlayStation 4, but we’re getting our first good at the new stuff today. Activision dropped a new trailer that showcases the four new maps, as well as the new chapter with the game’s Zombie mode. Dubbed the “Eclipse DLC Pack”, we’re getting some pretty fun looking locales in this set – one of which is a remake of the iconic Call of Duty: World at War map, Banzai. And, of course, more Zombies. Because you can never have too much zombies, right?

The new Zombie chapter is titled “Zetsubou No Shima.” Activision describes the new content as follows:

“In the latest chapter of the Zombies experience, the Origins characters find themselves stranded on a remote Pacific island continuing their mission to stop the Zombie apocalypse. There they will face the effects of Element 115 on human, plant and animal biology that has created horrors beyond belief. Explore diverse environments from lush, tropical forest to the stark, overgrown laboratory facility using zip lines or the sewer systems to evade the Zombie horde.”

Outside of the zombie content, the Eclipse DLC pack with host four new multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Black Ops III players. The maps are titled Verge, Rift, Spire and Knockout. Activision characterizes the maps as “a martial arts tournament arena, a post-apocalyptic tribal compound, a future civilian sub-orbital airport, and a military rail system suspended high above an active volcano.” Sounds like fun, right? Checkout the new trailer showing off the new Eclipse maps just below.

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