Shovel Knight - Spector of Torment

Yacht Club Games welcomed everyone to a beautiful Tuesday morning with a random, yet exciting tweet. The studio released their first teaser logo for the upcoming Shovel Knight DLC, Spector of Torment.

More Shovel Knight? Uh, Yes Please!

We don’t have much information on Spector of Torment as of yet. The teaser image simply gives us a logo for the next outing as well as a vague “Spring 2017” launch window. However, we do know that the next DLC drop for Shovel Knight is likely to be free for owners of the game just like Plague of Shadows was.

Thanks to Yacht Club Games’ epic Kickstarter success, Spector of Torment is expected to unveil a new playable boss thanks to fans nailing stretch goals. The common theory is that King Knight will be the boss now accessible to play as.

Shovel Knight - King Knight
The King Knight.

As soon as Yacht Club Games stops teasing and actually releases some hard info, we’ll be sure to bring it to you right here.

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