Halo 5 - Mister Chief

Halo 5: Guardians is quickly approaching. In order to give fans better insight to the game’s multiplayer, Microsoft brought on Mister Chief to take us through the basics of the REQ system. No, that is not a typo – his name is Mister Chief.

Voiced by Nick Offerman, Chef Pretty Officer Mister Chief Spartan 117 (not kidding) is “the trademark avoiding and copyright tap-dancing alternative to a certain other Spartan hero…” Essentially, Mister Chief is a fun gag by Offerman and 343 Studios to humorously give us the goods on Halo 5. This time, “the goods” are details on Halo 5‘s REQ system.

REQ is short for Requisitions. These are the rewards you earn as you play through Halo 5‘s various multiplayer modes. The REQs come in packs which Mister Chief says to “think of like a collection virtual trading cards.”

Halo 5 REQ Card
An assassination REQ card.

There are three varieties of REQ cards: cosmetic, permanent and single use. The cosmetic variety of cards consists of armor, helmets, assassination animations – all things that don’t affect actual gameplay. The permanent cards are the most influential as they make up your game-to-game weapon load out. And finally, single use cards are utilized to enhance your vehicles and power weapons. To ensure balancing stays tight within Halo 5‘s arena mode, single use items aren’t allowed there.

Halo 5 REQ Stations
REQ Stations

The single use REQs really come into play in Halo 5‘s 12 v. 12 Warzone mode. In Warzone, you’ll find REQ stations scattered throughout maps. Here, you can redeem your saved REQ points to get yourself new vehicles or weapons. But you can only redeem what you’ve earned via your performance in that match. Mister Chief also states that “in case you have the patience of a drunken Chihuahua,” you’ll also have the option to purchase additional REQ packs with real world currency. But he promises this isn’t an advantage, as you’ll still have to level up your REQ energy like everyone else.

343 is touting over 1,000 different REQs a Halo 5‘s launch with hundreds more to come. They also confirm that the game will feature 20 multiplayer maps when the game ships with over 15 free additional maps coming through June. We don’t have long to wait now, Halo 5: Guardians launches on October 27th.

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