Pikmin 3DS

As a final revelation in Nintendo’s 3DS Direct today, Bill Trinen revealed that an yet-to-be named Pikmin 3DS title is headed to Nintendo’s portable.

Pikmin Isn’t Just for Consoles Anymore

The twist in Pikmin 3DS is that it’s now a side-scrolling adventure title as opposed to the more open-world style of levels the series is used to. As usual, the Pikmin will follow Olimar around, and with a simple tap of the stylus, Olimar will toss his little companions exactly where he needs them to go. The same core gameplay hooks of moving objects, battling creatures and collecting treasure are all here.

The specific Pikmin appear to be your standard trio: the red fire-proof Pikmin (which we actually see stamping out fire in today’s Direct), the blue water-adept Pikmin, and the yellow electric resistant species which can also be thrown higher. It looks as though Olimar will also be venturing underwater in this side-scroller, as we see him swimming much like Mario does in his 2D games.

Pikmin 3DS Monster
Your larger foes will take up two screens of real estate.

Bill says that “this Pikmin game is being designed with action in mind. It will make you think fast and utilize every Pikmin to overcome anything that stands in your way.” No word yet whether this is the Pikmin 4 that Mr. Miyamoto had been teasing us with over the last couple of years. Regardless, this unnamed Pikmin 3DS game lands sometime in 2017.

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