Via their Level-5 Vision 2015 event, Level-5 announced upcoming mobile versions of two of their biggest franchises, Professor Layton and Fantasy Life will be seeing releases on mobile devices such as smartphones. Not only are these franchises going mobile, but with titles like Layton 7 and Fantasy Life 2: Two Moons and the Village of God, it sounds as if these will be full-fledged entries in both series.

This seems to be the first big announcement since Nintendo made their intentions to enter the mobile market known to the public. While many expected to see big names receive releases on the platform, I doubt many expected main series titles, especially this early on. It could be a sign to many that Nintendo has abandoned the 3DS, and it certainly seems like it as Professor Layton is a beloved series, and Fantasy Life was critically acclaimed upon release.


While the chance is also there that these are simply working titles, it doesn’t seem like Level 5 would throw out such obvious sequel titles if they weren’t in face sequels, unless they’re a bunch of twisted folks, or they’re very late on the April Fool’s train. Though it seems like a bad sign for Nintendo’s portable console, one can argue that these are special cases, as both franchises fit better than most as a mobile game. Professor Layton is a Mystery and Puzzle game with beautiful but not graphically impressive art and clever dialog. Fantasy Life on the other hand, implements many Massively Multiplayer Online mechanics such as mining, fishing, crafting, and battling orcs, all of which have become quite prevalent in more recent mobile games.

We’ll see where this goes as we obtain more news, and what this means, if anything, for the future of the 3DS, these two franchises, and other franchises other the Nintendo banner. As a 3DS owner, I definitely hope all the biggest titles don’t get relegated to mobile games, but you never know what Nintendo is gonna do anymore, just look at the Wii U.