Nintendo Direct - ARMS and Splatoon 2

The Nintendo Direct from yesterday was said to mainly focus on both ARMS and Splatoon 2. That wasn’t exactly the case. The Direct actually covered a wide variety of things for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch. You can check those out here. But it did leave the meatiest portions for the above two titles.

We Know Nintendo’s Lineup Through Summer – What’s Next Is A E3 Mystery

Wednesday’s Direct seemingly showed Nintendo’s cards through July. While some titles from the Direct were broadly casted as later this year, the majority of the titles fell in the summer time period. One of those titles, was ARMS.

Nintendo did a great job of taking the time to showcase exactly what ARMS is. Sure, we know it’s a boxing-esque title, but only on a surface level. There’s real depth to the game that the common gaming hobbyist may not know about. After watching today’s presentation, the game has a much bright light shone upon it.

You can check out the ARMS portion of the demonstration just below. The game is poised to release on June 16th.

Splatoon 2 didn’t need the justification that ARMS did. So instead Nintendo showcased some new amiibo features as well as a new Horde style mode. On top of that, we got that game’s official release date as well – July 21st. Here’s the Splatoon 2 focused portion of the Direct:

Nintendo is certainly bringing the releases heavy in the next few months. Let’s hope that some great E3 reveals will keep the lineup solid after that.

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