Nintendo Switch Online App is Now Available


The Nintendo Switch online mobile app has officially been released for ios and android users, but what does it do exactly?

Well as someone who uses their Nintendo Switch often the one thing that is extremely lacking is the online functions. There is no way to invite friends to games, and voice chat wasn’t an option because Nintendo decided to make it a feature for the mobile app. the Nintendo Switch Online Mobile app is the solution to those problems and more. The app right now is kind of empty when it comes to using it for games since the only game compatible is Splatoon 2 which has its own hub called SplatNet 2 which can be used to track player information, invite friends to game, and buy special in-game items.

Really the app, for now, is more of a beta than the full product, because in early 2018 they plan to bring their full online service for twenty dollars a year. Offering more to the online which Nintendo has always lacked compared to its competitors. Online gaming and voice chat will be free till early 2018 when the service comes out, but it will add better servers, a classic game service where you can play a library of classic games as long as you have the online service and you will get Eshop deals.

Voice Chat Is A Mess

Now the main issue besides the lack of game compatibility support. Is the voice chat, I don’t know what Nintendo was thinking when they decided to make voice chat through the mobile app instead of the Nintendo switch it’s a step back and the app proved that already by not working the way it really should. In order for you to use voice chat on the mobile phone, you have to have the app running and open at all times you can’t turn it off, you can’t go to another app or the internet and you can’t make phone calls or text messages. Doing any of this will make the voice chat go away and could possibly end the chat if you don’t return by the time the game ends.

If you leave a game it kicks you out of the voice chat having to re-invite your friend in order to talk which can be a hassle. And in order for you to get party chat and in game audio to work at the same time with a pair of headphones you will need a splitter dongle like the Hori Splatoon 2 Headset which just looks like a mess with its setup.

So as you can tell the app has its flaws but will be worked on when the full service comes out, not sure what Nintendo has planned to fix the voice chat issues but let’s just hope they put the time and effort into fixing the problems.

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