March 17th was a lucky day for Japanese gamers. Not just because of good ol’ St. Patrick, but also because that was the date that Nintendo released its first mobile offering in the region. Miitomo released in the country nearly two weeks ago, and has been generally well received. Now, European territories and North America know when they can officially begin creating mobile Miis.

Thanks to a Tweet from Nintendo’s UK team, Miitomo was revealed to be releasing in Europe on March 31st.

That’s tomorrow! Shortly after that, the official Miitomo site was updated for North American users to confirm that the game would be coming on Thursday for that region as well.

Miitomo Release Date
It’s Official!

For those of you still confused as to what Miitomo actually is, Nintendo describes it as “a smart –device app that sparks one-of-a-kind conversations between you and your friends.” You can create Miis, “use your Mii as a social go-between”, dress your Mii, “win prizes from Miitomo drop” and “make your Mii a Star with Miifotos.”

I’ll be downloading tomorrow via the username JScotty28. Feel free to friend me on Miitomo and let’s see what this thing is all about together.

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