No Man's Sky

With No Man’s Sky going gold and the game rapidly approaching its August 9th release date, it’s time for Sony and Hello Games to begin the hype train… or ship… or craft.

The title will see a four part video series rolled out to detail the different aspects of the exploration game. And perhaps most fittingly, the first trailer focuses on just that, as the team has dubbed it Explore. Following that will be trailers focusing on fighting, trading, and survival.

It’s a minute and half of non-stop exploration within the world of No Man’s Sky. The trailer touts that there are 18 quintillion planets to explore in the game. A number that is certainly unachievable . The game’s YouTube description promises just that, saying that “even if each planet was visited at a rate of one per second, it would take five billion years to explore them all – by which the Sun in our solar system would have burnt out, essentially giving the game a near infinite number of worlds to explore.”

“Limitless variety. Endless discovery,” the trailer promises. All the while clips of various different ecosystems, each vastly unique, spew their way across our screens. That’s the thing with No Man’s Sky, the sheer possibilities within the game could make this a once in a lifetime project. However, if all of that “endless discovery” is bland and mundane, it’s all for naught. Come August 9th, we’ll finally be able to see for ourselves.

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