No Man's Sky

Well, folks, your universe has waited long enough. It’s August 9th. No Man’s Sky has officially landed on PlayStation 4.

What Lies at the Center?

“What Lies at the Center” is the primary question that No Man’s Sky evokes. And in today’s launch trailer, Hello Games was sure to hammer that point home. You’ll explore, you’ll fight, you’ll trade, but most importantly – you’ll survive. All while trying to figure out the mystery of the universe. Best of luck.

As the game releases, the gargantuan undertaking is not left unacknowledged by Hello Games’ Sean Murray. In a media package sent out to Australian reviewers, Murray penned a forward of sorts expressing his raw emotion upon No Man’s Sky‘s release. It’s a jarring look into the world of game development and how rigorous and straining actually publishing a highly anticipated game can be. Take a look courtesy of Edmond Tran’s Twitter feed:

VPDaily’s own Tyler Treese will be tackling our review coverage of No Man’s Sky. Keep an eye out for that, but until then, take a peek at the new trailer below.

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