No Man's Sky - Survival Trailer

No Man’s Sky has been pumping out tutorial videos to help teach us where to explore,  how to fight, and what to trade. Today comes the final installment of the 4 part series, and they’ve given us some tips on survival as a whole.

Like Diana Ross said, “I Will Survive!”

While playing No Man’s Sky, you’re certain to come across hostile and toxic environments throughout your travels. Whether it be high radiation, excessive heat, dramatic colds – or just some other life form trying to off your space venturing ass, you’ve got to constantly protect yourself within the game. Thanks to today’s tutorial, we have a better idea how to go about doing that.

Today’s description of the trailer treads on the survival aspect of the game:

“For the unprepared, surviving on planets with extremes will be a challenge. Every second spent exposed in the elements will chip away at your protective shielding, which can be restored by taking shelter or expending resources to recharge it. By upgrading your suit’s technologies, you can survive harsh climates for longer, run faster, jump higher and explore for longer.”

“Expending resources to recharge” seems to be hinted at in the trailer with the usage of elements. Zinc, for instance, can be “found in yellow flowering vegetation and planetary flora.” That zinc can then be used to “recharge defensive technologies.” Iron is also used for defense and can be found “in rock formations and areas of geological interest.”

Regardless of what causes it, your defenses will be weathered as you progress through No Man’s Sky. It’s up to you to stay on top of them. Checkout the new Survival trailer just below. We’re now less than two weeks out from blast off.


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