Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Revealed


When Nintendo first came out revealing the games, the price of the switch and release date back in January, one of those games was a teaser of a No More Heros project. Today at the Nintendo Nindies summer showcase, Grasshopper Manufacture announced a new title called Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes and is set to release 2018 for the Nintendo switch exclusively.

Travis Touchdown Returns

The premise of the game is that Bad Girl’s father the Bat from the first game is coming after Travis Touchdown to get revenge for killing his daughter. And when they confront one another they end up getting sucked into a nearby phantom game console known as the death drive-mark 2  and end up in six different indie games having to beat each indie games boss in order to return to the real world.

No real gameplay was shown although in the trailer it does say it’s being developed in Unreal Engine 4.

Travis Strikes Again is being led by the studio founder Goichi Suda also known as Suda 51, who worked on the first No More Heros but didn’t work on its sequel. Are you guys excited for this new entry? if you want to learn more check out the trailer video linked below.

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