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Last month, the indie game developer and publisher tinyBuild announced the PlayStation 4 release of Party Hard, a game revolving around a guy who just really wants to get some sleep. Today, the CEO of tinyBuild, Alex Nichiporchik, has showered the PlayStation 4 community with more news.

In less than a week, the 2D platformer No Time to Explain will be available for purchase. Now for those who aren’t familiar with this title, allow me to fill you in – No Time to Explain is an exceptionally quirky game. It involves you (the player) casually minding your own business when out the blue, your future self appears informing you that you must go with him…or yourself? Anyway, he babbles on and insists that “there is no time to explain,” and an enormous crab claw snatches him away.

End scene.

The mechanics of the game are as follows: your weapon is how you conduct movement. Essentially, you can use your weapon to A) annihilate enemies, or B) blast it at the ground to boost into the air. The general idea is to survive, of course, using these means to your advantage.

Alex informs us in his blog post that “you won’t stay alive though. You will die over and over again. Trust me.” Ah yes, the best kind of game to rage quit at.

Another fun addition is that you can beast through the entirety of No Time to Explain with up to four players. With the actuality of the environment already being fairly intense, things could become messy, but that just makes it more entertaining.

For more information on the amusing experience that is No Time to Explain, check out Alex Nichiporchik’s post on PlayStation’s blog. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.

Release Date:
March 29, 2016 
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