Injustice 2

It’s seeming more and more that Clark has lost his marbles. Injustice: Gods Among Us dabbled the idea of a dictator Superman. Injustice 2 appears to be all in on the idea.

Would Someone Please Ring Up Ma Kent!?

Once the original game wrapped up and Superman was lockdown after his treasonous acts, you would think he got the point. Well, you would think wrong. Because Superman is all in and is ready to go to whatever means to see his vision play out. And that includes asking Batman himself to break his one rule.

That’s right, Supes wants to off someone. Something that Batman vehemently resents. He tells Bruce, “how many more innocent people have to die before you accept that some lives need to be taken!” Yikes. This version of Superman is certainly a far departure from most depictions.

Some more characters get a bit of the limelight in today’s Injustice 2 trailer as well. Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern is back. He pleas to be a part of the group to Batman and The Flash, even though Batman wants no parts of him. There’s also a quick action sequence between Flash and Reverse-Flash racing through traffic.

Guerilla Grogg makes an appearance with an small, yet ominous army of sorts. And Harley Quinn gets some quick banter in as she is confirmed to be on the side of The Bats. It’s another good trailer that makes me quite excited to see what new narrative NetherRealm has in store for us. Injustice 2 hits on May 16th.

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