Nintendo Switch

In a trailer that seemingly gave us a lot and nothing at the same time, we did get a name. The Nintendo NX is officially the Nintendo Switch.

This Could Be A Game Changer

The trailer just dropped for the Nintendo Switch less than 10 minutes ago, so I’m still sorting things out. But the Switch appears to be quite the versatile little system.

The trailer started with a man on his couch playing Breath of the Wild. Suddenly, his dog needs to go out. No problem. He pulls the tablet device out from the core dock near his television, inserts controls on both ends, and away he goes…

There appears to be a myriad of control variations depending on your situation. Again, I’m still parsing through the footage so I’ll it down a bit further later. But first impressions? Cool… I guess? I think this is the type of device we need to see more of, or at least rewatch the trailer a ton, to see just how unique it is. So, Let me go do that now…

If you haven’t seen it, here’s today’s trailer for the Nintendo Switch:

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