Tyranny - Release Date Trailer

In case you haven’t heard, Obsidian Entertainment has a new RPG headed our way. The developer, perhaps most recently known for the fantastic South Park: The Stick of Truth, revealed Tyranny at 2016’s Game Developers Conference. It was then playable at E3. Now, we have a release date.

“Serve Or Die.”

The single-player RPG plays similar to Obsidian’s previous effort, Pillars of Eternity. In Tyranny, players take on the role of the Fatebinder. This role is class-less, enabling the gamer to mold the Fatebinder into the specific ways the player prefers. The world is generated based upon decisions made at the outset, and the world treats your Fatebinder dependent upon said decisions. Here is Obsidian’s breakdown of the game:

“In Tyranny, the grand war between good and evil has already finished – and the forces of evil, led by Kyros the Overlord, have won. Players interact with the populace to inspire loyalty, disgust, or fear as they roam the world as an officer in Kyros’ forces, empowered to act as both judge and executioner. A nonlinear story offers players the chance to roam and alter the world as they see fit, and provides a highly replayable experience.”

Paradox Interactive, publishers of the title, revealed the launch date for Tyranny today. The game will hit Windows, Mac and Linux on November 10th. VPDaily’s Editor-in-Chief, Alex Martinet, took a firsthand look at the game not too long ago. He’ll have impressions next week. Until then, checkout the release date trailer below.

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