The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - 10/20/16 Trailer

While I slighted Red Dead Redemption 2 for underwhelming this morning, at least people knew that existed. 3 new Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild trailer came out yesterday evening and no one even noticed.

This Game Sure Does Dazzle

To be fair, the new trailers were published under Nintendo of Japan’s YouTube account. They’re actually still currently unlisted, so they’re not exactly readily available. Still, they’re out there, and they’re pretty.

Tw of the videos run at two minutes and feature Link traversing the world through the various types of environments as he battles enemies along the way. There’s a plethora of panoramic shots that really shot off have great this game can look. The trailer just screams to be broken down into desktop wallpapers. I’m sure someone is already all over that…

The third trailer is a six minute time lapse video that shows off the various weather patterns that exist within this new version of Hyrule. It may not be the most exciting thing, but hey, it’s more Zelda.

This is apparently – and surprisingly – the biggest dump of Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild goods we’re going to get today. I thought we may get another extended look at the game with the reveal of the Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. It’s yet to be seen what the difference will be between the Wii U and Switch version.

Regardless, checkout how great Hyrule can look in the latest trailers below:

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