Rockband 4 - Online Quickplay

Harmonix has been touting the addition of synchronous online play for Rockband 4 since PAX East. When they released the big 2.0 Rivals update in October, disappointment reigned when it wasn’t included. The team apparently just needed more time to polish. As they’ve revealed that Online Quickplay is headed to the game next month.

Time to Finally Get the Online Band Back Together

As opposed to basing Rockband 4‘s multiplayer on the Play a Show mode, Harmonix is keeping it simpler with what their calling Online Quickplay. Rival’s current Crew offering features asynchronous online multiplayer for the game. Play whenever, update your scores, your friends can do the same. In January, however, we get the real deal.

Online Quickplay seems very Rockband 2 inspired – which is great! It’s clean and simple. One person creates a “Green Room”. Then the other band members join. The host determines whether they are playing with No Fail Mode, then jump into the setlist.

Now is a good time to mention that a new search filter is being implemented with the Online Quickplay update. When utilized, the filter will gray out any song that isn’t owned by every player in the group. Very useful. Each Online Quickplay session will consist of a 4 song setlist. Therefore, everyone gets at least one pick, and then you’re ready to jam out.

Harmonix had been targeting December since PAX East for their big Online rollout. Unfortunately, they’re missing that mark. However, the wait isn’t that much longer. Online Quickplay will be ready for Rockband 4 online bands as of January 25th. Here’s is Harmonix’s video tease:

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  • Karin Schünke

    how can people play without instruments? My guitars are all broken but
    where we can get new guitars? Cant use drums without adapter. Sucks or
    not..?.RB4 is dying before it begins….