OpenCritic Begins Its Contributor Program

Today, OpenCritic has started its contributor program to allowing smaller channels (blog, or YouTube channel) to join the site and submit reviews. Victory Point is proud to be a launch partner for the program so here are a few details.

Matthew Enthoven, CEO at writes, “we’ve had this joke on the team for a while that we’re called ‘OpenCritic,’ but we haven’t really lived up to that “Open” part. In fact, it’s really hard to join OpenCritic. The requirements are pretty steep. We only have a hundred-ish publications and have turned away hundreds more. And so we started thinking: how do we live up to our name?”

“How do we deliver on that word ‘open’?'” 

“… With that in mind, we came up with the OpenCritic Contributor Program, ” Enthoven continued. ” The goal of this program is to give anyone who takes game reviews seriously a way to participate in mainstream review aggregation. It was also important to us that the publications and critics still retain full ownership of their reviews, and that they’re only displayed alongside other high-quality, thoughtful and nuanced reviews.”
You check out the full announcement post and our most recent reviews on Open Critic down below.
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