The remarkably beautiful journey that is Ori and the Blind Forest has received nothing but praise and a handful of awards, and it is all well deserved. Ori and the Blind Forest was released March of 2015 for both Windows and the Xbox One, but about a month ago, Xbox One users were presented with a Definitive Edition. Exciting features such as new abilities, music, pieces of the story, and areas to explore was provided to its players.

But what about those who own Ori on the PC?

Don’t you fret, PC folks, because on April 27th, Microsoft will be blessing PC owners with the Definitive Version as well. If you already happen to own Ori, the additional features will only cost $4.99. Otherwise, the full version will be priced at $19.99, but let’s be honest here – it’s worth it.

Ori and the Blind Forest is an artistic action-platformer that portrays the story of a young heroic orphan. Watch the visually stunning trailer for the Definitive Edition below.

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