Iron Fist Trailer

The final member of the Marvel/Netflix Defenders team is nearly in place. It was revealed recently that Danny Rand’s Iron Fist would be premiering in March. Then, this weekend at New York Comic Con, we got our first full trailer.

“Because of Who You Are, There Will Always Be Forces Gathering Against You.”

The trailer is sporadic. Lots of quick cuts with external dialogue explaining to Rand the dangers of his new world. We see quick glimpses of Danny’s tragic childhood. Then flashes of what I’m assuming is his training. Then, a couple of money shots – the Iron Fist with his glowing… well, fists.

Iron Fist Trailer - 2

The CG effects of his hands are subtle, but at the same time perfect. There’s then a quick montage of Rand’s Iron Fist as he dispatches a bunch of foes within a hallway. Hallway fights, of course, are what Marvel and Netflix do best together. Checkout the trailer just below. Iron Fist hits Netflix this coming March.

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