Luke Cage

After whetting our appetites at San Diego Comic Con, Marvel has pulled the curtain back and showed a substantial glance at the world of Power Man. Luke Cage is hitting Netflix next month, and we’ve got the first full trailer ready to tease us on what’s to come.

Momma Said Knock You Out

It looks as though we’ll get a good glimpse as to what makes Luke Cage tick in the series. We see quick cuts of our hero in a testing tank before breaking out. He explains, “I was put in some tank like an exotic fish. I came out with abilities…” I suppose that sums it up.

Rosario Dawson’s Claire Temple seems as though she may have a prominent role to play in the Luke Cage series. She’s been a consistent tie between all of our Defenders shows thus far, and the Power Man series appears to be no exception. The 90’s hip-hop vibe is still in full effect as we watch Luke dismantle his opponents with ease. Let’s hope the directors and producers find a way to incorporate this into the show proper and it isn’t just for the trailers.

We also get a solid look at Cage’s nemesis in the series, Cottonmouth. Played by Mahershala Ali, Cottonmouth is determined to take over the Harlem area with ruthless aggression. Luke Cage doesn’t take too kindly to this, of course. But while Cage “might be bulletproof” as one resident says, “Harlem isn’t”. It’ll be up to Luke Cage to ensure his vigilantism doesn’t take down the city with the criminals within it.

Luke Cage hits Netflix on September 30th. Checkout the new trailer below.

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