Outcry Among FIFA 18 Fans As There Is No Guest Play For Ultimate Team


FIFA18 was recently released on the 29 September 2017 for consoles, but many changes have been made on this year’s new version of FIFA.


One of the changes to FIFA 18 is that it now does not have guest play for Ultimate Team. This change means that players cannot invite friends over and play competitively online.

Guest mode is still available for friendly games, but many fans believe this has taken away the game’s value, especially when there were no previous announcements. Some fans have even gone as far as demanding a refund.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to share their outrage. One fan named Marco Kissner put: “Why you advertise the online draft with Carragher und Neville playing koop and now it’s not even there.”

An online campaign has started for EA to bring back guest play and some players have even gone as far as jumping back to last years version.  EA have told fans that they have wanted to make gameplay more fair for everyone playing FUT draft and seasons.

FIFA 18 is currently priced at £49.99 on the GAME website and the Ronaldo Edition is £79.99.

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  • AeonQuasar

    People keep forgetting. This is ea. This is not the first time they do stuff like this. They remove semi/major important features for little to no reason and add them again as a new feature in the new version a few years later. This is a semi uncommon marketing strategy where they get more attention to the game in result of some negative outrage. Later they add it and get back all of the angry players who said they wanted to stop playing it, and praises from new players.

    With this method they don’t have to talk about the elephant in the room. The lack of improvements each game.

    Except some graphic elements that improves, there is fairly little new, but they want to keep customers to buy the game. With little budget after paying for licenses, big players and other rights they simply cut the cost by switching features around. Saves a bunch of money and keeps everyone to buy the game.

    Ea know how to milk games, and this is their preferred method. People are forgetful and easy to fool. Buying a new fifa is tradition/need, not optional.