Developed and published by Pera Games, a newborn indie studio located in Instanbul, Overfall is a fantasy RPG game seeing two heroes embarking on a quest to save their lost king. Featuring perma-death, procedurally generated worlds and the ability to influence politics; the title always presents adventures that are always slightly different from the previous one.

As you start your journey, you are allowed to choose two heroes that will make up your party. While only two classes are available for your first playthrough – these being the cleric and the warrior – exploring the world and completing specific quests will reward you with additional characters. The game features up to 9 player characters and 36 combat companions but your party size will never be permanently expandable. As your heroes gain recognition for their efforts, they will be allowed to temporarily hire up to two new companions which will follow them around until the adventure is over or they meet their match on the battlefield. Losing all of your heroes in a fight will result in a game over screen. Unlocked characters, companions, and weapons will be retained upon death, but your adventure will effectively be over and you will have to start again from the beginning. Class variety remains good, as Overfall allows you to field most of the iconic characters you would find in any RPG but being limited to only picking two of them at the beginning of each session may result in a particularly challenging early game, especially if the combination you chose is not the most effective one. The lack of a proper description when hiring companions through the game makes you unable to fully understand their characteristics and skills, making each first pick a faithful one as you will have to wait until your heroes run into danger and a fight starts before being able to check your newly hired friend’s abilities.

Dialogues are beautifully crafted and an essential part of the game

The vast majority of your time in Overfall will be spent sailing from one island to the next as you look for knights to assist and damsels to save and hope to be rewarded in food, weapon fragments, and dust, the three main currencies in the game. Reaching any island or colliding with any of the other ships will automatically put you in contact with the local population or the crew and might prompt a random encounter to happen or a quest to start. Is it here beautifully crafted dialogues make up most of your conversations with NPCs and companions come into place.

Overfall offers a plethora of different ways to complete quests and achieve victory. Aside from the brute force approach, your characters will be able to use shards of their personality, personal experience and knowledge to convince allies and opponents to behave a certain way. It is a shame the occasional spelling mistake or syntactic error – gradually fixed with each consecutive patch – detract from the overall good experience playing Overfall is able to deliver.

overfall fight
The combat UI is less than optimal and will force you to stop the natural flow of events in order to better understand your skills, buffs and debuffs.

There’s a time for words and there is a time for blades and the two tends to collide in Overfall, where a simple wrong answer easily leads to what a certain Queen and Galactic Senator once described as “aggressive negotiations”. When fighting comes to be the only way to protect your party or to defeat an enemy, the game features a turn-based combat system where each character has to move, and finally attack a target. There is a huge amount of beneficial and harmful spells will be cast during a fight and this often forces you to interrupt your actions to check the exact effect of each one of them, as active effects are only shown as red or golden medallions above each of the combatants health bars. This and a less-than-intuitive user interface make for a combat experience that is only partially enjoyable.

As mentioned before, early-game fights tend to be particularly challenging and can easily result in the adventure being over before it even started. While some might call this one of the challenges Overfall has to offer, the fact that some of these encounters can hardly be avoided make for a title easily frustrating.

There’s no denying Overfall is a bit rough around the edges, but the game still offers an enjoyable experience. The enthralling dialogues, cute and well crafted graphics and the almost infinite replay ability make up for a game that is definitely worth of being played.

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