When I first dived into Paragon I have to own up to the fact that I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it. In regards to multiplayer online battle arena games, otherwise known as MOBAs, I’ve come to recognize they’re either super enjoyable or they’re kind of meh, lacking originality. You can imagine my relief when my skepticism vanished as I was in a state of awe at Paragon and its beauty – it was like a breath of fresh air.

Paragon by Epic Games is a unique MOBA in the sense where strategic choice is the key to success in the fight against the opposing team. Not only was I thrown into explosive combat, but I was up close and personal with my enemies in a third-person approach. In addition to the rush I sustained from the intense fight, I was able to appreciate the badass appearance of my hero as they fiercely battle their way to victory.

…Or their demise. Regardless, each hero has an infinite amount of lives and respawns ten seconds following their death. Perfect, that gives me just enough time to blink and bounce back from that somewhat embarrassing defeat.

paragon hero

players don’t have to fork out a dime to upgrade or attain new ones

The most appealing aspect of Paragon is its heroes, which are absolutely stunning, to say the least. The diverse selection is outstanding in such a way where each hero complements one another, and that’s exactly how Epic Games designed them. Vacillating from a ranged attack, such as a bow and arrow, to close up melee attacks, the combat is balanced and inventive.

Not only are Paragon’s heroes unique, but players don’t have to fork out a dime to upgrade or attain new ones, which is music to my ears because I am quite cheap. Every three weeks or so, new heroes are introduced to better build one’s roster of unstoppable champions. With an already various selection to choose from, I happily began experimenting with who better fit my style of combat, because like…I want to prosper; I obviously want to reach the highest level of mastery.

paragon battle

Obviously the demo of Paragon doesn’t offer all of its exciting features or arenas yet. It’s actually kind of a tease, because I got a taste of glory and now I want more. I yearn to level up my exquisite hero of choice, which I am still pondering on, and showcase my allegiance and expertise…or soon to be expertise.

Now if you’re like me and don’t typically associate with the online video game community and prefer to do things lone wolf style, one option of gameplay is “Solo vs AI.” This basically instigates that both teammates and opponents are controlled in an artificial intelligence sort of manner. How intelligent they actually are is yet to be determined, though. So far for me, they seem to be doing pretty damn good.

Otherwise, just like any other MOBA, the option of conquering the opposing AI team with actual human beings is also available for those who happen to enjoy social interactions. I apparently am very bad at them.

OrionClient-Win64-Shipping 2016-03-17 18-30-51-71

As I began my expedition through what appeared to be a forested-type arena as TwinBlast, one of the suggested starter players, the first thing I perceived was the enthralling three-dimensional surroundings. Every aspect that shaped Paragon’s world was gorgeous. Quite instantaneously though, I was snapped out of my awe state by the announcer’s deepened voice, which I must admit, somewhat replicated the Unreal Tournament announcements at times. Ah, the good ole days.

Strolling through the arena, and I mean literally strolling due to TwinPack’s lack of speed with his weapons out, the announcer notified that minions had been spawned. Turns out, each team is equipped with miniature assassins that guided me on my way to victory. Personally, I find the minions to be an excellent addition to Paragon, because even if they aren’t very powerful, they can pack quite the punch when players are in a bind.

paragon minions

Additionally, I noticed various orbs scattered around the arena, particularly the peculiar one called CXP (card experience points.) Typically, yes, destroying an opponent grants you with experience points, but these amber colored orbs are also essential to pick up as well. I actually had to read up on what CXP was on the Epic Game’s blog, because obviously the dumbfounded look I was giving my computer screen wasn’t doing me any justice.

Paragon has barely scratched the surface of the significance of Card Levels, in a nutshell, cards are what give heroes special abilities and powers that can be activated during combat. Clearly the goal is to muster up all the CXP attainable, or at least that’s my goal.

I recommend to anyone who wants to have a firm grasp on the general mechanics to take a quick glance over the basic instructional guide pertaining to Paragon on the Epic Game’s blog.

In its entirety (so far), I am quite impressed by what Paragon has brought to the table, even though it’s merely a glimpse of what’s to come. The third-person combat is innovative as well as exciting, engrossing players with a rush of exhilaration. I eagerly anticipate experiencing other striking arenas, hero choices, and leveling up my champions to a point where they are unstoppable – for that is the ultimate goal.

Amanda has been obsessed with the video game industry since she mustered through an array of nearly impossible Sega Genesis games. When she's not writing, you will typically find her with her gaming computer, eating pizza, or watching Dragon Ball Z.