playstation 4 pro pax west

As part of the Sony Playstation 2016 Press Event which took place today in Times Square, New York, the company announced PlayStation 4 PRO. The upcoming console will still belong to the current generation, but is targeted at those who have already invested in 4K hardware.

Designed for 4K and PlayStation VR

PlayStation 4 PRO was presented as a system that bridges the gap between the current and next generation. Designed for 4K monitors and to support the soon to be released PlayStation VR. The console will be featuring a 1TB hard-drive and an even more powerful GPU for greater graphical fidelity.

PlayStation 4 PRO will still run your PS4 games. The console easily allows you to transfer the games you already own to the new system. Your saved data should be carried over as well. The same disks will run on both PS4 and PlayStation 4 PRO.

The showcase moved on to several samples from existing and announced titles. Horizon: Zero Dawn was among the titles on display, with never-seen-before footage.

The PlayStation 4 PRO lands later this year on November 10th at $399.99. Stay tuned and keep following us for all the latest news from Sony’s PlayStation Meeting.


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