Dreams ps4 splash

During the Sony Press Conference taking place today at Paris Games Week 2015, Media Molecule shed some more light on Dreams, their newest project. The creators of the acclaimed Little Big Planet franchise showed some of the new title’s gameplay, focusing on how you can control the flow of dreams by both using your Imps or by controlling different characters. The gameplay footage showed how to manipulate the environment and how doors and props can be used as portals to access other parts of the story, quests, or even other dimensions.

First announced at E3 2015, Dreams allows you to use your imagination to create new words and to exploit the peculiarities of each of these to solve puzzles, find secrets or simply tell a story. Much like its predecessor, Dreams sports a varying degree of freedom, as the player sets the rules and environments can either be locked or completely customizable by removing, adding or moving all of the objects that compose them.

A director cut version of the gameplay demo is available here:

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