wild splash art

Wild is a third-person action game, first announced at Gamescom earlier this year. One of Michel Ancel’s creations, the same man behind both the Rayman franchise and Beyond Good & Evil, Wild sees you playing as a shaman who learns how to harness and control the powers of nature as he attempts to save one of his clan’s members.

The gameplay footage shown at Paris Games Week 2015 highlighted how you can cooperate with nature and how animals can be possessed and used to fight enemies, solve issues or to access areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach. The whole game revolves around the mystical powers of the shaman as he goes through a spiritual journey that will allow him to encounter powerful divinities and to master all of the animals’ different skills. Promising but still sporting a few rough edges that could definitely use some additional work, this title is clearly one of those to follow at PGW2015.
The footage can be seen here:

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