Today DegiGames, following the releases of the Umihara Kawase ports on steam, Bloxivity, Echoes of Aetheria, and Hero & Daughter +, alongside Krobon Station and Niconico Game Magazine, has announced that they will be releasing Pharaoh Rebirth+ on Steam this March on the 17th.

Pharaoh Rebirth+ is a platforming action side scroller, where you play as Dr. Jonathan Banfield, and anthropomorphic rabbit treasure hunter who is set to uncover the artifacts of the ancient Egyptian city: Amshear, but is cut short when Andre Betancourt, the Dr’s ex companion, pillages the site.

So it’s up to you (Dr. Banfield) to stop him and recover the artifacts.

According to the press release, the game will include:

  • 80 collectible treasures throughout the game.
  • 10 sub-weapons to use.
  • Treasures that boost your stats and abilities.
  • Easy, Normal, and Hard Difficulties + a Boss Rush Mode

And included with Pharoah Rebirth +

  • A brand new extra stage with new enemies and a new boss.

So if this game sounds like your cup of tea, then check it out when it releases on steam on the 17th of this month, but for now, check out the trailer below.

Stay beautiful my friends.

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