Announced today by PixlBit Studios, the nonogram-style puzzle game PixlCross will be coming to the Wii U through the Nintendo Eshop on the 31st of March of 2016 for the low price $5.99 USD.

PixlCross is a puzzle game in where you fill in blocks on a grid to reveal a hidden picture having about 150 puzzles total, starting with 5X5 puzzles, and advancing to bigger puzzles such as the 35X35 puzzles. The game also comes with an auto save feature, so if you wish to continue a puzzle later and come back to it, you won’t have to worry about starting the puzzle over (unless you really want to do so.)

The game also features the ability to create your own puzzles and share them online, with improved Miiverse interactions to enhance gameplay as well as the ability to share codes through the Miiverse as well as other social media channels.

Don’t have a Wii U? Well if you have steam on your pc, you can vote for the game through Steam Greenlight. Vote for it while you still can if you want to have nonogram style puzzly goodness for your PC.

Still not convinced if this is your kind of game? Well check out the trailer below and see for yourself, and as always, stay beautiful my friends:

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