PlayStation Plus - February 2017

Beginning February 7th, a new lineup of titles are coming to your Sony consoles. Sign on, open up the store, and checkout the PlayStation Plus titles available to you this month.

Bringing Back the Sack!

The highlight of this month for many will be the inclusion of Little Big Planet 3 for PlayStation 4. While it underwhelmed slightly critically with a 79% Metascore, the sheer number of options in the game are quite whelming.

Also to the PlayStation 4 this month is the fast-paced shooter from Roll 7, Not a Hero. Released back in 2015, it resides at a 75% on Metacritic. This one was actually poised for cross-play on Vita, however that version was unfortunately canceled before its release.

What wasn’t canceled for Vita though was Ninja Senki DX. This 8-bit platformer can be played via cross-play, however, it only holds a lackluster 64% Metascore. Also on Vita and PlayStation 4 this month thanks to cross-play is Torquel. It’s described as a “2D rolling & extend platformer/action/puzzle game”, but that’s all I have on it.

For the PlayStation 3 we have Anna – Extended Edition and Starwhal available for download. Anna was a pretty universally banned horror title. While Starwhal was a much more appreciated “retro narwhal space battled.” Starwhal has a 78% on Metacritic.

Checkout the below trailer and download the games that tickle your fancy. See you next month.

Growing up a 90's kid, Jeff found his love for gaming during Nintendo's heyday. Because of that, you could call him a "Nintendo Fanboy" (albeit a rational one) to this day. Outside of his passion for the gaming industry, he’s also an avid sports enthusiast (New York Giants and Philadelphia Phillies mainly) and enjoys quality/popular TV shows and movies.