Proud to announce Point Taken, Victory Point’s online podcast dedicated to the latest in the Video Game industry. On the first episode we discuss…


  1. Homefront: The Revolution Release Date
  2. Amazon Now Offering 20% On Pre-Orders
  3. Psychonauts 2 FIG, Psycho1 Spring Anniversary.
  4. New 3DS Bundles. Have you played the series?
  5. LEGO Avengers Free PlayStation DLC (Civil War/Ant-Man)
  6. Is Gears of War Still Relevant In 2016?
  7. And Our Most Anticipated Games of 2016

Where To Find Us 

  • Alex Martinet: @almartinet
  • Andrew Espoito: @Aesposito426
  • Jeff Scott: @jscotty28
  • Alessandro: @alecossy
Editor-in-Chief at Victory Point. When I am not talking about video games, I am regrettably cheering for the San Jose Sharks, San Diego Chargers, and Phoenix Suns on Twitter.