In today’s Direct, Nintendo officially announced Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. The surprise was spoiled yesterday with a trademark leak and Nintendo confirmed our suspicions today. The games will be out holiday of 2016 for 3DS. Nintendo showed an announcement trailer for the games featured below.

The trailer shows very little of the new games and is more of a montage to 20 years of Pokemon. Tomorrow, February 27th, marks the 20th anniversary of Pokemon’s release in Japan. Nintendo are pulling out all the stops this year, with the re-release of Red Blue and Yellow on Virtual Console, Pokken tournament which arrives next month, and now Sun and Moon. They even have a mobile game, Pokemon Go, in development. As for Pokemon Sun and Moon, we do know it will support the Pokemon cloud bank service that allows you to transfer Pokemon from previous games. Other than some concept art at the end of the trailer that’s pretty much it, but I’m sure we will learn more in the coming months. Now if Nintendo could get to work on a Pokemon MMO all my dreams would come true.


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