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Previous Arkham Games Free To PC Players As Batman: Arkham Knight Make Good

Batman: Arkham Knight

Well, PC players, it appears that Warner Bros. has heard you loud and clear. The publisher now has a make good for those offended by the lack of recompense in regards to the disastrous PC launch of Batman: Arkham Knight.

On the Batman: Arkham Knight forums, an announcement was made about a little earlier today by Yorick, a Community Admin:

“The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight is back up and available today! We are genuinely thankful to the Batman: Arkham fans, the Steam Batman: Arkham Community, and the PC Players who have patiently waited for this day.”

Yorick then reveals what Warner Bros. hopes will quell the masses of (still) upset PC players:

“To kick things off, we will be giving away FREE digital copies of games from the Batman: Arkham library. This means we will be giving away copies of Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY, Batman: Arkham City GOTY, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate.  The Batman: Arkham library of games will be given to everyone who has already purchased or will purchase Batman: Arkham Knight for PC prior to 11:59 pm PDT, November 16, 2015. We’re actively working with our partners at Valve to make this happen as soon as we can, so watch your Steam Library.  We are aiming to deliver all of the games by December.”

So, if you’re an avid Batman: Arkham fan and already have all these titles, this really isn’t doing much for you. However, it’s a hell of a deal if you haven’t played the majority of those titles. Yorick also revealed that Rocksteady is putting together a “Community Challenge Pack” that will be headed our way in January 2016. It will be given out free of charge.

The full breakdown can be found here at the forums. Batman: Arkham Knight is available as of today for PC.