The fine folks over at Bethesda Softworks have just released the first gameplay trailer for upcoming first-person shooter, Prey. We first saw the new, re-imagining of the franchise at Bethesda’s E3 2016 Showcase.

A different kind of Prey

The trailer shown during E3 showed audiences that this was not the Prey that you remembered playing when the Xbox 360 first launching. An entirely new identity, the trailer showed off a crazy, sci-fi story with time as a huge element. While it was kind of a bummer that Prey 2 never came to see the light of day (pour one out for that old, amazing E3 trailer), it was cool to see that at least the name was still around.

Today, Bethesda released a brief trailer showing gameplay from the upcoming title. There’s not too much here but we do get to see some of the locals we will be traversing, and we also get a sense of what the mood will be like during the game. Oh, there’s also really creepy black goo monsters that might be real or not. It’s an interesting direction for the game and one that I’m interested in seeing when it releases Summer of 2017.

Check out the trailer below.