prison architect 2.0

After more than 6 years and 45 updates, the guys at Introversion Software decided to move on to new things. Prison Architect, that made the duo famous, will no longer be receiving additional content.

Time to Down Tools

In a press release addressed to their fans, Chris Delay and Mark Morris announced their intentions to stop working on the ultra-famous prison management sim. “It is time to down tools and move on to new things” read the e-mail. According to the devs, Prison Architect will nevertheless receive the occasional fix. The tablet version of the game is still in development and the e-mail mentions possible future updates coming to console. Version 2.0 is officially the latest we will be seeing on PC.

Little we know regarding the future of this UK based studio. A link included in the press release leads to a specific YouTube video, allegedly showcasing an upcoming game. While the title seems to be featuring some degree of exploration and survival elements, its existence is yet to be officially confirmed.

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