With its beautiful hand-drawn 2D art style and fierce battling system, Fallen Legion is a fantasy RPG that puts your skills to the test. If you happen to be a fan of fantasy RPGs, this might be a game you’ll want to add to your wishlist.

The tale begins as Princess Cecille, daughter of The King of Fenumia, standing amidst a battlefield. With the king’s life suddenly coming to an end, Cecille must take responsibility of her collapsing country of Fenumia as well as a talking book who can breathe life into weapons (which let’s be real, that’s pretty awesome.) But this mysterious book (also known as the Grimoire) bares secrets about Fenumia and unsettling truths are revealed, leaving Cecille to believe her kingdom isn’t as picture-perfect as it was portrayed to be.

Accompanying Cecille on her journey three Exemplars of your choosing, which are soldiers brought to life from weapons, thanks to the Grimoire. Each character has their own unique purpose in battle as well as a special attack that can cause a mighty deathblow to your opponent.

Considering Fallen Legion is based more on skill rather than obtaining experience points, there will be numerous times where you will have to make split-second decisions which can alter how the people of Fenumia perceive you as well as what kind of boosts your Exemplars are awarded in battle.

The developers of Fallen Legion are ecstatic for players to experience their riveting RPG. Those who happen to be going to PlayStation Experience December 6th are encouraged to stop by their booth with any questions they may have.

Though a release date hasn’t yet been announced, Fallen Legion should be available to players the summer of 2016. In the meantime, check out the trailer for Fallen Legion below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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