Rocket League - Basketball

The annual NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is set to take over the sporting world beginning next week. To celebrate, Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League, are implementing a new game variant into their exhibition playlists. You guessed it – basketball is coming to the cars/soccer/hockey/now basketball phenom:

This is just a “tease” as the team says, so the new mode probably isn’t anywhere close to launching. But it’s incredibly cool that they are working on it anyway. The “Snow Day” hockey mode that was implemented a short while ago actually made playing the game a bit easier. The game’s giant puck remained grounded for the most part. With Hoops as it appears to be called, we may be looking at the opposite. The “aerial” game of Rocket League is what sets the men apart from the boys, and it looks like you’ll have to have your aerial game down to dominate in the hoops department.

The Rocket League developers are sure to be peppered with questions about a release window, so hopefully we’ll hear something about a time frame soon. The Snow Day mode was a free addition to the game’s options of play styles, it’s likely Hoops will be free as well. This is just another reason why Psyonix is taking the industry by storm as one of the most friendly developers in gaming.

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