Quantum Break

It’s a big news day for Remedy Games’ Quantum Break. Microsoft has confirmed a PC version of the game. We’re being treated to a free download of Alan Wake, and a spiffy new live action trailer has dropped.

First, the PC news. Remedy and Microsoft have confirmed that a PC version of Quantum Break is in development and will release alongside the Xbox One version on April 5th. This continues a running theme of Microsoft pushing their first and second party titles onto PC, as Fable Legends, Sea of Thieves and ReCore have similarly been confirmed for both PC and Xbox One.

Remedy Games also has a treat for gamers with the news that Alan Wake will be a free download to all that purchase Quantum Break. This version of Alan Wake comes complete with the title’s two DLC additions: The Signal and The Writer. Preordering the Xbox One version of Quantum Break will also grant access to the standalone expansion Alan Wake American Nightmare.

Finally, a new live action trailer for Quantum Break debuted today. Titled “The Cemetery”, it appears to show our main protagonist Jack Joyce’s (Shawn Ashmore) motivation within the game: getting back a lost love one. Check it out below.

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