As I cautiously proceeded into what was once a tasteful kitchen within a suburban house, my heart raced. I had just eliminated another hostile, which may or may not have been because of pure luck. Unsure of what was coming, I carefully sent out a trusty drone to scan the area, securing a better view of where my enemies were taking cover. I was low on health, so I warily strolled up a flight of stairs, crossing my fingers and toes in hopes I would succeed on my first go (yeah right). But hey, maybe optimism was the key here. In merely a split second, a hostile, which I swear was camouflaged against the wall, fired bullets toward me, causing me to start an automatic fit of profanities, and led to my inevitable failure. I tossed my controller and threw up my hands in defeat… and then retrieved my controller to try again.

This is the thing about Rainbow Six Siege: it’s a challenging shooter game and it undoubtedly requires a high level of skill, but it can also be a lot of fun.

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Rainbow Six Siege is a team-based tactical first person shooter that forces players to practice their stealth skills and use strategic methods to complete the mission at hand. I can surely attest to the fact that in order to be practical you must be tactical.

Rainbow Six Siege lacks a riveting campaign incorporating a compelling storyline.

When I first played the beta on my PC for Rainbow Six Siege back in September, I had a lot of mixed feelings. The beta originally only provided a multiplayer experience, and for someone who wasn’t completely familiar with the schematics or concept of the Rainbow Six games, I embarrassed myself left and right in front of the online community. The beta lacked a sense of direction, no tutorials were present whatsoever. So here I was, aimlessly wandering around outside admiring the captivating scenery atop a roof while my team was actually being productive and defeating the opposing team.

I was like the kid who was picked last in gym class because no one wanted them on their team.

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With that stated, when the complete version of Rainbow Six Siege was finally released, it was a relief to see that the game presented a mode called “Situations”. Situations offers a playable list of ten circumstances with in-game objectives that you have to complete in order to succeed. In addition, you have three difficulties to choose from, ranging from “normal” to “realistic”. Ah, finally: a single player mode where possibilities were endless, and by endless I mean that I could fail as much as I wanted to, and the only person I would embarrass is myself.

In all seriousness, Situations mode was an appreciable addition to this game, especially for those who aren’t too fond of annihilating hostiles online. To be honest, it’s one of the only features in Rainbow Six Siege that doesn’t require multiplayer. Unfortunately, Rainbow Six Siege lacks a riveting campaign incorporating a compelling storyline. Now, I’m not implying the game needs a campaign mode, but it would’ve been an excellent addition to all that Rainbow Six Siege already is.

Situations mode isn’t all that bad, though. It’s actually quite enjoyable and fairly helpful, as it provides a clear understanding pertaining to the gameplay itself.


Situations mode provides players with the opportunity to mess around with the controls and obtain the tactical skills you need to survive in Rainbow Six Siege. Trust me, it is necessary that you understand how to be stealthy and strategic or, to say the least, you will be obliterated. I know this from experience.

Within each situation are objectives that you must complete in order to advance to the following scenario. For example, it may be required to perform four headshots or to successfully rescue a hostage. Though you may not have to conquer all specified goals in one singular round, all must be accomplished at some point before moving on to the next situation.  Thank goodness for that because I would have been impatiently stuck on various scenarios forever.

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Speaking of impatience, this isn’t the type of shooter where you can recklessly burst into a room in a frantic haze and perform Matrix stunts to dodge your enemy’s bullets. You must be patient, you must be tactical, and you must be sneaky. This is why you are equipped with drones, which can seek out your enemies and place a tracker for them on your screen, as well as stun grenades. Stun grenades were my best friend. That is until I ran out or accidentally threw one at myself.

But I swear that only happened a couple times.

Rainbow Six Siege provided an excellent challenging experience.

Wall breaches are also a wondrous gift that you’re given in the world of Rainbow Six Siege. Virtually any wall, any door, and any window can be blustered into smithereens by applying a wall breach, revealing the hostile’s hideout or a fragment of the environment you haven’t yet discovered. Hell, I’ve even preemptively blasted a few enemies through the wall. There are a handful of ways to effectively cross that finish line, and the possibilities are what brand Rainbow Six Siege as more than just a typical shooter game.

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What also separates Rainbow Six Siege most from titles such as Call of Duty is the substantial detail concerning the game’s multiplayer mode – you need to work as a team. I immediately observed during an online escapade that if communication between you and your team is absent, your chances of succeeding are slim. Producing a strategy and coming to an understanding on one another’s role will efficiently bond your team, even if you’re merely playing one round with them. It’s an essential aspect to taking part in multiplayer mode, so being shy is not really an option.

Overall, Rainbow Six Siege provided an excellent challenging experience. The tactical gameplay has shown me the light, consistently badgering me with the reality that you cannot just frivolously sprint into combat. I mean, you can, but the outcome is rarely all bright and shiny. Though multiplayer mode is enjoyable under the right conditions, my heart still aches knowing an actual campaign mode that was much deserved wasn’t developed. In retrospect, Situations mode obeyed a decent percentage of my single player requests, providing opportunities to better myself as a player. All hurt feelings aside, Rainbow Six Siege proves over and over again that nowhere is safe to hide, and if you’re not careful, you won’t make it out alive.

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