Conker: Gettin' Medieval

Courtesy of a newly published video by Microsoft developer, Rare, we now have an idea of what never was with Conker: Gettin’ Medieval. To our surprise though – the game was never set to star Conker himself.

Rare released Conker: Live & Reloaded as a remake of Conker’s Bad Fur Day back in June 2005. After the title went gold, Rare had a decision to make in regards to their next project. They decided to dip their toes back into the Conker world and came up with Conker: Getting’ Medieval. The game wasn’t even actually planned to star Conker, though he would have a role to play. Instead, Death, a supporting character in Conker’s Bad Fur Day, had the leading nod.

The follow-up was set to take place in, you guessed it, Medieval times. Although the big twist was that it would be multiplayer only. Rare designer, Chris Seavor, explained that he was planning for it to be “completely online, and it was a bunch of levels that chained and you could come in with your mates and fight other people… In Gettin’ Medieval we added medieval war, so it was siege warfare as well.”

You can watch the clip below for the full rundown and a variety of concept art for Conker: Getting’ Medieval too.

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