Real Life First Person Shooter

These days, VR is all the rage. Unfortunately, it appears to still be a few years out. However, thanks to Realm Pictures, people are getting the opportunity to be placed right in the middle of video games. Well, not digital video games – real life ones.

Realm Studios is a U.K. based film team. Their website states that “everything for us starts and ends with narrative film. Cinematic, gritty and dark – our passion is for high production value storytelling that doesn’t hold anything back.” It continues, “we make all sorts of things, but our passion is for narrative fiction & cinematic storytelling.” Well, Realm Studios is trying something different, something amazing with their approach. They are putting random people in the midst of a real life first person shooter.

It started back in August with the original Real Life First Person Shooter. It has garnered nearly 8 and a half million views on YouTube to date. The idea? “We created a live action first-person zombie shooter in our garden – then invited unsuspecting people on Chatroulette, Omegle and Skype to take control…” It was amazing. Put a GoPro on an actor, put him into an interactive set and let the viewer at home direct the action. Check it out:

Now, Realm Studios has put out Real Life First Person Shooter: Level 2 – and somehow it’s even better. This time, we’re in space. Our Real Life avatar isn’t mute this time, but instead a sarcastic and somewhat meta protagonist. Can he, with the help of guiding forces (you), make it to the escape pod? Watch and find out:

The production value for this is through the roof. It’s just fun on all levels. Now, Realm Studios sees the potential they have in Real Life First Person Shooter. And they’re ready to start work on Level 3. If you’re interested, checkout the latest video to see how you can be a part of the action. When production is finished and the latest clip is released, we’ll be sure to let you know.


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