Red Dead Reveal

There have been rumors swirling for nearly a year. Rockstar has never said anything, but everyone in the industry thinks that the next entry in the Red Dead series is imminent. Well, over the weekend, Rockstar dumped some fuel on those flames. Then this morning, they dropped the entire can of gasoline.

“Take Me To, The Wild, Wild West…”

Yesterday it was just a relatively innocent post. Just a Rockstar logo with a dirty red background:

And then just a few minutes ago this morning, Rockstar drops this bomb:

Folks, it’s no longer a theory. Those are for damn sure some cowboys. And cowboys means Red Dead Yee-Haw!!

The hornets’ nest has been kicked. This is no longer a vague tease from Rockstar at this point, but an announcement that a reveal is imminent. Not a single word as accompanied either of these posts, just images. But damn, that second image speaks for itself.

We’ll keep F5ing the hell out of the Rockstar Twitter feed as the day and week continues on. I’ve gotten enough practice at this on the Nintendo page. As soon as something solid comes out of Rockstar’s camp, we’ll bring it to you here.

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