No Man's Sky

Is appears to be more common than not with game releases these days, reports are swirling that another big one is being delayed. Kotaku has published an article indicating that sources are confirming that the release of No Man’s Sky has been pushed back.

Kotaku has reported that they were first made aware of the delay by a trusted source. They then were able to get secondary verification from a GameStop employee. Said employee noted that promotional materials recently hit the store, but the company was advised to cover up the game’s June release date with a “Coming Soon” sticker. No Man’s Sky was poised to release on June 21st – that appears to no longer be the case.

The story is still developing, and there has yet to be word out of either Sony or Hello Games’ camp. Sony’s E3 briefing is scheduled for Monday, June 13th – exactly 8 days before the game’s supposed release slot. The company is surely to confirm or deny the looming rumors well before then.

No Man's Sky Promo Materials - Coming Soon
GameStop’s promotional materials for No Man’s Sky are no being slapped with “Coming Soon” stickers to cover the original June 21st release date.
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