Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon - Now Pokémon Stars

Eurogamer is reporting this morning news that should further solidify hope for the Nintendo Switch. The outlet is stated that multiple sources have confirmed to them that a new version of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, currently codenamed Pokémon Stars, is headed to the console.

It’s an Exciting Time for Nintendo Fans.

Nintendo has up through now steadfastly denied that it would be abandoning the Nintendo 3DS. If the news of Pokémon Stars is true, that stance has to be purely PR posturing. There is no way that Nintendo would cannibalize one of their most iconic mobile offerings by putting it on their home consoles. Unless, of course, their home consoles and mobile offerings were one entity going forward. This is very exciting news for Nintendo fans.

One of the big draws of the Nintendo Switch is the possibility of one device harboring all of Nintendo’s precious IPs. No more splitting popular titles between a mobile device and home consoles, the hope going forward is that everything will be on the Nintendo Switch. With news of a possible Pokémon Stars, this is looking more like a reality.

The idea of third Pokémon game isn’t revolutionary. . It was common earlier in the series for a 3rd edition to come along a bit after the first duo launched. This fits that narrative, and makes perfect sense as a transition game to bring core Pokémon titles to the Nintendo Switch.

Eurogamer’s sources have stated the game will hit the Switch in 2017. They say Pokémon Stars is a codename, but it fits too perfectly. Expect that to be the official title.

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